Powder Packaging Machine


The Powder Packaging Machine has an innovative design that allows secure and high-speed packaging of powdered products. It packs, fills and seals granulated and powder products with efficiency and accuracy. It enables the packaging of products, such as flour, chillies, pepper, chocolates, cosmetics, powdery food and non-food items.

This machine comes with an angular dosing system for package filling, which automatically fills the powder substances into packs. It is a fully automatic machine which has a computerized control and functions. It has a clear display screen which shows all the features of the packaging machine. With highly sensitive sensors, it offers excellent accuracy in measuring and packing.

The Powder Packaging Machine can customize 3 to 4 side sealing bags, long stick bags, pillow bags, link bags and many other bags. Measuring of weight, making of pouches, filling, sealing and cutting as well as counting of bags is automatic.

It ensures the quality and appeal of the packaged products. It is perfect for multi-purpose packing of goods. With its inventive and user-friendly designs, it enables faster packing production, lowers costs and improves productivity.

Benefits of Powder Packaging Machine

  • Efficient and easy function
  • User-friendly operations
  • Enhances productivity
  • Enables fast production
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Can be used for packing a variety of consumer goods in powder or granulated form
  • Can integrate with Hot Stamping Date Coder, Heavy Bag Holder, Perforation Jaw Feature, Additional Bag Forming Tube, Deflation Device, Strip Packs Device,
  • and Full #304 Stainless Frame for varying product requirements

Please send us an enquiry or get in touch with us to know more about the Powder Packaging Machine or you can read our blog here to understand the three different factors to consider, before selecting a packaging machine.


Selection Guide

Product Features

  • Specially for powder products
  • Efficient & high quality sealing & filling
  • Fully automated, hassle free
  • Auger filler dosing system, precise & effective
  • Reduce costs & time

Powdery Packaging Machine Product Brochure