Linear Compact Premade Pouch Packaging Machine


Linear Compact Premade Pouch Packaging Machine is a general-purpose packing machine that produces compact premade pouches. This user-friendly machine opens, fills and seals pouches with high efficiency, accuracy and speed. The entire process of filling, packing and sealing, is fully automated.

It means little labour is required to place the pouch bags on the loading device at the top of this machine, which completes the rest of the process. It is used for filling a variety of products in packagings, such as powders, liquids, food and non-food products, pet products, granules, beans, coffee and many others.

The Linear Compact Premade Pouch Packing Machine with its innovative design laminates heat sealable and premade pouches such as bottom gusset pouches, stand up pouches with zipper, flat bags.

The packaging machine has an adjustable filling device that can be adjusted according to the product type, such as a volumetric cup for granulated products, multi-head weigher for solids, piston for measuring liquids and auger filler to measure powders. It has a single changeover component, which allows quick adjustment to different pouch sizes.

With automatic control and temperature adjustment control, this machine offers convenience and flexibility. It machine comes with compatible programs for different types of products and gives an ideal packaging appearance.

Linear Compact Premade Pouch Packing Machine comes with a wide range of optional devices to improve user experience and make the process of packing seamless, more efficient, and productive.

Benefits of Linear Compact Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

  • Easy and straightforward operation
  • General-purpose packaging
  • User-friendly, efficient and accurate functioning
  • Fills and seals a variety of pouch packaging
  • Improves productivity and efficiency
  • Can fill a wide range of products such as granules, food and non-food products
  • Quick adjustments
  • Gives clean and aesthetically appealing appearance to packing
  • Compatible with a wide variety of optional devices

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Selection Guide


Speed: 6-18 Bags/Minute

Bag Type: 3 Side Seal Bag, Stand Up Bag

Bag Size: < 100 < Width 300mm

Machine Dimension: (L) 1635* (W) 510* (H) 1650mm

Power: 220V / 50HZ / 60HZ / Single Phase 20A

Technical Feature: SS304 Machine Frame & Contact Parts

Handle Range: Granule, Powder, Liquid, Coffee Bean, Candy, Pet Food etc

Key Features

Product Features

  • 304SS Machine Frame & Products Contact
  • Multi-bag format
  • No bag no drop
  • Interlock
  • Easy operating & adjusting
  • Convenient & easy to use
  • General-Purpose, multi functional & versatile (Able to fill many type of bags)
  • Little to no training & maintenance required
  • Effective & efficient packaging

Linear Compact Premade Pouch Machine Product Brochure