Kraft Paper Void Fill System


The Kraft Paper Void Fill System is used to fill the empty spaces in packages for protecting your fragile products during transportation. It efficiently produces 100% recyclable, eco-friendly paper at a dynamic speed without causing any paper jams. It also lets you customize the paper and speed based on your packaging needs. The cost-effective paper packaging solution can secure your goods from transportation damage.

Key Features

Product Features

  • Eco-friendly, sustainable
  • Convenient & easy to use
  • Adjustable & versatile to suit your industry needs
  • Customizable length & speed of paper
  • Efficient fanfolded paper, seamless usage
  • Footswitch & digital controls
  • Auto repeat mode available
  • Available in small portable size & high-volume operations
  • Safe to use, with patented tear assists, no blades
  • Little to no jams