Humi Dryer Strip


The Humi Dryer Strip, also known as container desiccant strip, is made of non-toxic natural clay desiccant that is mixed with a small amount of calcium chloride. It helps to remove moisture from products placed in shipping containers. It is ideal for shipping commodities, including canned foods, coffee beans, rice, flour, etc. It can adsorb vapor up to 80% and safeguard your products from moisture damage.



  • Available in two sizes, 1kg and 1.5kg.
  • Comes in a single sachet or bags.

Key Features


  • Place Humi Dri in the shipping container and watch it absorb moisture
  • Tear Humi Dri sachets accordingly 
  • Able to be used in shipping commodities such as canned foods, coffee beans, flour, rice etc. 

Product Features

  • Made from Clay and Calcium Chloride
  • Reduces humidity inside shipment and storage containers
  • Adsorbs up to 80% of its own weight
  • Packing material: Tyvek
  • Non-Toxic
  • Food grade

Humi Dryer Brochure