Floor Mounted Tank Vent Dryers


The Floor Mounted Tank Vent Dryers filled with Envirogel desiccant are used to dehumidify, remove water vapor and protect large capacity storage tanks with a high discharge rate. These can also be filled with other desiccants for removing harmful contaminants. These dryers can hold up to 50 kg of desiccant and ideal for tanks with a capacity of up to 500000 liters.

Selection Guide


Model 620 630
A (Flange) 2 inches 3 inches
B 340 mm 50 mm
C 400 mm 560 m
D 250 mm 355 mm
E 60 mm
J 30 mm 30mm
K 250 mm 254mm
L 360 mm 520mm
M 495  mm 495mm
Weight 55.0Kg 101.1Kg

Key Features

Product Features

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Visual colour change indication
  •  IP65 rating
  •  Available in mild or stainless steel
  •  ISO9001:2008 design approved
  •  Polycarbonate or glass sight window
  •  Easy ENVIROGEL replacement
  •  Floor and wall mounting Refillable
  • ATEX Directive 94/9/EC approved

Vent Dryers Brochure