Dust-Vac Attachment Kit


The Dust-Vac Attachment Kit includes a swivel brush that reaches deep down to the keyboard and computer and removes the dust and debris. The pointed nozzle tip helps to get into hard to reach crevices and offer maximum suction. It also comes with a soft rubber universal adaptor that can be used for other models as well. If you’re looking to purchase the Dust-Vac Attachment Kit, contact us.



Dimensions: 8”W x 9”H x 2”D
Unit Weight: 5 oz
Number Per Case: 24
Case Weight: 9.5 lbs

Key Features

Product Features

  • Universal attachments
  • Removes dust & debris
  • Hard-to-reach areas
  • Patented swivel brush
  • Pointed nozzle tip
  • Rubber adaptor

Dust - Vac attachment kit