Container Awning Safety Net


The Container Awning Safety Net helps to prevent your consumer goods from tilting, slipping, and falling over when the container doors are opened. It significantly secures your cargo and keeps the goods firmly in containers. By minimizing the movement of the goods during transportation, the Container Awning Safety Net lets the workers unload the products without causing any damage to the goods as well as workplace injuries to the employees. The net is firm, durable, and versatile and can be used in a wide range of industries, including machinery, engineering, logistics, power, and refinery.

Key Features



  1. Hook the 4 vertical straps into the existing container attachment points
  2. Put the straps into position to the container door
  3. Fully load the container
  4. Fix and pre-tension the cover by inserting the 4 straps into the sewed on clamp locks.
  5. Connect the straps diagonally, each with a closure, and clamp using a clamping device.
  6. Your goods are secured against tilting, slipping and failing

Product Features

  • Secures cargo
  • Protects people from falling goods when unloading

Container Awning Product Brochure