Container Awning Safety Net


Use container awning safety net to keep products and cargo securely inside containers and ensures the safety of the workers who open the shipment and unload it.

Packed goods may tilt, move or hit against the container doors due to the movement of a shipping container or rough handling during sea and land transportation. Ensure the production of products and users when they open the carrier doors to pick the load. Prevent both damage to products from falling out and workplace injuries.

Prevent Slipping, Falling and Tilting of Goods with Container Awning Safety Net 

The container safety net is designed for light and heavy loads in loose cartons. With minimal gaps and holes, ensure the protection of loads and removes the possibility of safety net wear and tear during transit.

The safety net from Humi Pak has hooks and clamps, allowing quick and easy installation without the need for additional attachments. It is firm, secure and highly durable, holding the cargo cartons securely.

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Key Features



  1. Hook the 4 vertical straps into the existing container attachment points
  2. Put the straps into position to the container door
  3. Fully load the container
  4. Fix and pre-tension the cover by inserting the 4 straps into the sewed on clamp locks.
  5. Connect the straps diagonally, each with a closure, and clamp using a clamping device.
  6. Your goods are secured against tilting, slipping and failing

Product Features

  • Secures cargo
  • Protects people from falling goods when unloading

Container Awning Product Brochure