Autobag® PaceSetter PS 125™ Tabletop Baggers


The Autobag® PaceSetter PS 125™ Tabletop Baggers are efficient bagging and sealing machines that introduce versatility, value and simplicity to the entire bagging process. They are ideal for low to medium volume production requirements.

These innovative bagging machines operate at a speed of up to 25 bags/ minute. They are engineered in a convenient tabletop design, which features a compact footprint and weighs about 82 pounds. These machines operate quietly due to their electrical operations.

The Autobag® PaceSetter PS 125™ Tabletop Bagger is user-friendly and enables easy access to various operational parameters, job storage, set-up and on-board diagnostics of the system. With its unique turntable locking links and AutoThread feature, it offers ergonomic handling and smooth bag changeover. This machine automatically indexes hand-loaded poly bags and then seals them using automated Push to Seal sealing function, through automatic cycle control or a standard footswitch.

This machine features a high-resolution display and printing facility of text and bar codes on bags, eliminating the need for separate product labeling, thus, saving time and extra printing costs.

Benefits of Autobag® PaceSetter PS 125™ Tabletop Baggers

  • A complete electrical system which does not need compressed air to function
  • The compact design makes it ideal for low and medium product packaging operations
  • Easy to use and adjustable
  • Both manual and automatic operational modes offer maximum productivity and flexibility
  • Open area for loading with a controlled sealing bar which maximizes operator safety and loading flexibility
  • On-board diagnostics which maximize production and simplify maintenance
  • AutoThread and locking turntable features to give easy bag access and capability of changeover
  • Next-bag-out feature of printing ensures enhanced accuracy and eliminates queuing of products during the order fulfillment process
  • High-resolution display graphics and prints bar and text codes directly on the bag
  • Easy maintenance

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Weight: 50kg

Electrical: 110/220 VAC – switchable 50/60 Hz – 5.0/2.0 Amps 

Width: 56cm 

Height: 66cm 

Depth: 48cm 

Pass through: Up to 3.4 inches 

Bag thickness: 1.0 to 4.0 mil

Bag sizes W 2 to 10.5 inches L 4 to 17 inches 



Key Features

Product Features

  • All – electric system does not require compressed air to run 
  • Open loading area and controlled seal bar maximizes loading flexibility and operator safety 
  • Capable of printing high resolution graphics 
  • Tilt-back printer head easy for maintenance 

Autobag® PaceSetter PS 125™ Tabletop Baggers Product Brochure