Autobag® PaceSetter™ Bagging Machines


Easy and Cost-Effective Hand Load Bagging Machine, the Autobag® PaceSetter™ Bagging Machines are a cost-effective bagging solution. It offers hand load filling and sealing of bags. It is available in three models that feature compact design and portability, versatility, ease of use and flexibility of low volume bagging operations.

This machine operates at a speed of 10 to 20 bags/ minute. It presents a pre-opened bag that enables convenient and speedy handloading. It has an all-electric and tabletop design that does not need compressed air to function.

Due to its compact size, it takes very little space in the warehouse. The PaceSetter Machine configurations include manual or automatic indexing of bags, integrated OneTouch or manual heat sealer, a tray for product loading and optional funnels. This increases speed and improves the efficiency of bags packing.

The supply area for bags is ergonomic and straightforward, which allows fast and convenient bags changeover. This machine can accommodate a variety of bag materials and sizes in custom styles. It also provides exclusive polybag features such as vent holes, headers, or hanger holes.

Benefits of Autobag® PaceSetter™ Bagging Machines

  • Faster and efficient hand packing of bags
  • Can bag up to 20 bags/minute
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Lightweight and compact tabletop design
  • Operates with electricity only without a need for compressed air
  • Accurate positioning of bags ensures exact loading and filling
  • Improved productivity for handloading
  • Simple and fast changeover
  • Versatile and cost-efficient hand load bagging solution

Please send us an enquiry or get in touch with us to know more about Autobag® PaceSetter™ Bagging Machines or you can read our blog here to understand the three different factors to consider, before selecting a packaging machine.



Electrical: 110/220 VAC (50/60 Hz)

Width: 20.5 in. (52 cm) max

Height: 17.5 in. (44 cm) max

Depth: 17.8 in. (45 cm) max

Bag Sizes: 

  • Width – 2 to 11.5 in. 
  • Length – 2 to 22 in. 

Adjustable Heat Seal Time: Standard

Adjustable Cool Time: Standard



Weight: 37 lbs. (17 kg) 

Bags Per Minute: 10 – 18 

Bag Indexing: Manual

Sealing Method: Built-in manual

Product Load Tray: Optional

Funnels (for small parts): Optional 



Weight: 39 lbs. (18 kg)

Bags Per Minute: 15 – 20 

Bag Indexing: Manual

Sealing Method: OneTouch™ Sealer 

Cycling Counter: Standard 

Product Load Tray: Optional



Weight: 52 lbs. (24 kg)

Bags Per Minute: 20+

Bag Indexing: Automatic

Sealing Method: OneTouch™ Sealer 

Cycling Counter: Standard 

Product Load Tray: Standard

Funnels (for small parts): Optional 

Easiest Bag Changeover: Standard

Key Features

Product Features

  • A cost-effective solution for hand load bag filling and sealing applications,

Autobag® PaceSetter™ Bagging Machines