Autobag® 600™ Wide Bagging System


Achieve Operational Efficiency, Flexibility and Maximum Productivity with Autobag® 600™ Wide Bagging System. The bagging machine provides automatic filling and sealing of wide bags. It is a reliable, flexible and efficient system that gives optimum packaging throughput. This packaging system has the capability to produce 65 bags per minute in each cycle delivering maximum uptime of the machine and lowering total ownership costs.

The packaging machine helps secure hand-load operations without the need for light curtains and double palm switches. This machine is configured for use with both right and left hands, which can access cycle switch, area of bag loading and HMI. Due to this unique user-friendly design, it improves the operator’s productivity and ergonomics.

The bagging system has built-in flexibility, which allows it to meet the requirements of a variety of large bagging functions. As it has an open design, it is highly compatible with third-party and auto bag counters, infeeds and scales. It can be networked for central monitoring and integration with a full pack station. Integrating it with the Autolabel 600 inline imprinter accomplishes a full Print and Pack system.

Autobag® 600™ Wide Bagging System can be efficiently used with bags-in-a-box or pre-opened bags-on-a-roll. This gives an evolutionary, high quality, flexible and reliable wide bag packaging system.

Benefits of Autobag® 600™ Wide Bagging System for Users

  • 16 inches wide area for loading bags which is perfect for bulk or large products
  • Simple and easy height adjustment for the comfort of a machine operator
  • Different configuration options with up to 5-inch adjustable pass through to give maximum flexibility and efficiency in packaging
  • Streamlined integrations and operations
  • Compact size which takes less floor space
  • Portability
  • Innovative sealer area with optional sealing flatteners and improved temperature control for quality and consistent seals
  • Modular parts with dedicated access to service and maintenance which maximizes uptime

Please send us an enquiry or get in touch with us to know more about the Autobag® 600™ Wide Bagging System or you can read our blog here to understand the three different factors to consider, before selecting a packaging machine.

Autobag® 600™ Wide Bagging System Product Brochure