Autobag® 550™ Bagger


Optimized Flexibility and Productivity for eCommerce Order Fulfillment, the Autobag® 550™ Bagger Technology is an automatic and technologically advanced machine used for sealing and filling. This packaging machine gives maximum throughput due to its flexibility, reliability and easy operability. It can produce more than 100 bags per minute in each cycle delivering maximum uptime and lowering overall production costs.

The packaging machine has a built-in safe design without the need for double palm switches or light curtains. It offers secure hand-load operations. It is configured for access with both left and right hands to all its areas, which improves ergonomics and productivity of the machine operator.

Due to the system’s inherent flexibility, this machine can quickly meet the custom requirements of packaging operations.

The bagging machine has an open design, which makes it compatible with various fittings such as infeeds, scales, third-party and auto bag counters. The networking of Autobag® 550™ Bagger allows central monitoring with complete integration of the pack station. It offers a full Print and Pack solution upon integration with Autolabel 500 inline imprinter.

The simple, easy-to-use yet advanced design with only a few moving components significantly reduces cost over the machine’s lifetime and enhances productivity and reliability. When used with bags-in-a-box or pre-opened bags-on-a-roll, this machine provides the next generation of flexible, superior and reliable packaging solutions.

Benefits of Autobag® 550™ Bagger

  • Wide range of customization options for variety of bag sizes (from 2″ W x 2.5″ L to 12″ W x 20″ L supported)
  • Streamlined integrations and operations
  • Compact size which takes less floor space
  • Simple and easy height adjustment for the comfort of a machine operator
  • Portability
  • Different configuration options with up to 5-inch adjustable pass through to give maximum flexibility and efficiency in packaging
  • Modular parts with dedicated access to service and maintenance which maximizes uptime

Please send us an enquiry or get in touch with us to know more about the Autobag® 550™ Bagger or you can read our blog here to understand the three different factors to consider, before selecting a packaging machine.



Weight: 390 lbs 

Electrical: 110V to 240V VAC  

Air feed: 5 CFM/80 psi of clean dry air 

Width: 37.6in. (Adjustable) 

Height: 37.1 to 47.1 in. 

Length: 64.5 in. 

Pass through: 5in max  

Bag thickness: 1.09 to 4.0 mil 

Bag sizes: W 2 to 12 in. L 5 to 20 in. 

Weighing Capacity: Up to 5 lbs (with load shelf) 



Key Features

Product Features

  • Multi-position unwind with tension control simplify changeover 
  • Adjustable pass- through up to 5”
  • Modular components to simplify maintenance and repairs 
  • Next – bag printing prevents product queuing and reduces waste 
  • Processor controlled servo motors, ethernet-capable networking, and flexible mechanical design streamline integration 

Autobag® 550™ Bagger Product Brochure