Autobag® 500™ Bagging System


The technologically advanced, automatic filling and sealing Autobag® 500™ Bagging System is used to meet the needs of any packaging operation. It is capable of filling and sealing at a rate of over 100 bags per minute. The machine is configured for left or right access to the HMI, roll loading, and cycle switch allowing operators to use it comfortably. The high-quality, reliable, and flexible bag packaging is ideal for various sectors, including aerospace, apparel packaging, automotive, electronics, household products, etc.



Weight: 350 lbs

Electrical: 110V to 240V VAC

Air feed: 5 CFM/80 psi of clean dry air 

Width: 37.6 inches (Adjustable) 

Height: 37.1 to 47.1 in.

Depth: 64.5 cm 

Pass through: 5 in. maximum  

Bag sizes: W 2 to 12 inches L * 2.5 to 20 Inches 

Bag thickness: 1.09 to 4.0 mil 

Weighing Capacity: Up to 5 lbs (with load shelf) 

Key Features

Product Features

  • Easily integrates with inline printers, counters, scales and conveyors for semi- to fully- automatic bagging 
  • Modular components and dedicated service access simplify maintenance and repairs to maximise uptime 
  • Compact footprint minimizes floor space 
  • Maintain more than 100 styles of stock bags 
  • Newly designed bag sealer area
  • Simple height adjustment and casters for operator comfort and portability

Autobag® 500™ Bagging System Product Brochure