Anti-Slip Mats


The Anti-Slip Mats can help to secure your products in hazardous events, including taking evasive action, emergency braking, or traveling over the irregular surfaces during shipment. The quality mats are ideal for any professional transportation and prevent your goods from slipping. The highly porous mats absorb moisture or residue to prevent any loss in sliding. It is a suitable product while transporting heavy loads and can withstand heavy temperature. It provides a long service life, reduces product damage and represents excellent value for your money.

Key Features

Product Features

  • Anti-slip floor mats can be used in transports, trains and containers.
  • Stowing option to increase product stability on floor bed
  • Reduces the strapping required
  • Effective for all product goods: pallets, oversized cargo, paper rolls

Anti-slip Mats Product Brochure