Anti-Slip Mats


Cargo load or products in storage and shipping can slip or slide, which can cause physical damage and injuries. Anti-slip mats help in improving the overall efficiency of load securement by increasing the friction between cargo and the storage or transportation mode.

The packaging material helps increase the friction coefficient up to 0.8µ. This increase of friction results in secure load placement on wood, steel or concrete and even when there are restricted lashing points available. In some instances, using non-slip mats also helps in reducing the requirement of lashings while keeping the load compliant with regulations.

Secure Products during Hazardous Events with Anti-Slip Mats

Use of anti-slip mat also removes the risks of load shifting during transit. These packaging material are easy and quick to install and available in different thicknesses and sizes. The non-slip mats are also customizable according to the needs of a particular type of cargo loads.

We ensure to supply quality anti-slip mats manufactured from recycled materials like polyurethane binder and granulated rubber.

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Key Features

Product Features

  • Anti-slip floor mats can be used in transports, trains and containers.
  • Stowing option to increase product stability on floor bed
  • Reduces the strapping required
  • Effective for all product goods: pallets, oversized cargo, paper rolls

Anti-slip Mats Product Brochure