SafeNDry Desiccants

SafeNDry Desiccants

Eliminate Odor, Moisture and Corrosion with SafeNDry Desiccants. SafeNDry desiccants can help eliminate moisture and humidity from enclosed environments. Moisture can creep into any space when it is opened or closed.

These desiccants protect valuable investments from odours, corrosion, and rust while reducing the risk of mould and mildew. These desiccants have multiple uses within a variety of settings, such as manufacturing, production, household safes, camping gear, enclosed space and many other storage applications.

SafeNDry products prevent moisture from building up inside enclosed spaces, which keeps valuables free from rust, corrosion, and foul odour. These desiccants are available in a variety of types, and the selection depends on their application.

The desiccant substance is packaged in either clear bags, making it convenient to estimate when it’s time to replace or recharge. These products protect up to 60 cubic feet of enclosed space. They are non-toxic, environment-friendly and comprise natural substances.

SafeNDry Desiccants from Humi Pak

Humi Pak is an established supplier of SafeNdry desiccants and other retail and consumer packaging solutions. Our desiccants are available for different industries and household uses and priced at the most competitive rates.

Our desiccants effectively remove moisture content from enclosed environments protecting valuable investments. When packed in clear bags, it turns from blue to pink, which suggests that it has absorbed enough moisture and needs recharge or replacement.

For further information regarding our SafeNDry desiccants, get in touch with us or send us an enquiry. We help in the selection of the right products.

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