Prolong the Shelf-Life of Products by Minimizing Oxygen Exposure with Gases Absorption Solutions

Consumers’ demand for fresh products has tremendously increased. They want products with minimal processing and extended shelf life. Packaging becomes especially essential following the COVID-19 pandemic as consumers are spacing out their trips to stores and wish to have a longer life of their food and other products. Even during regular times, when there is no global crisis like COVID, consumers don’t have time to stop at the grocery shop daily and buy fresh products.

It is necessary to supply fresh products with longer shelf-life to keep the consumers happy and satisfied. To accomplish this, companies need to pay close attention to packaging. The release of natural gases from the produce and oxidation reactions inside the packaging is likely to cause product damage and spoilage.

To prevent exposure of packaged and transported products to atmospheric oxygen and other gases, Humi Pak offers a wide range of solutions. These packaging solutions absorb oxygen and other gases from inside the packaging and also prevent spoilage and damage to the products due to gas release.

Benefits of Using Gases Solutions

The gas solutions offer several benefits for the protection of products and to the companies.

  • Minimizes contact of the packaged products with the contaminants like gases, pollution, and odours
  • Maintains product quality
  • Minimizes gases production
  • Prevents entry of moisture within the packaging
  • Keeps the flavour or aroma of packaged products intact
  • Prevents entry of unfavourable odours or gases inside the product packaging
  • Prevents corrosion and rusting
  • Protects farm produce from spoilage

At Humi Pak, we provide a wide range of gas solutions, including filtration media, moisture absorbers, food and fruits packaging, breather valves, packaging materials, and others. We ensure the provision of high-quality products to our clients at wholesale prices.

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