Food & Fruits Packaging

Food & Fruits Packaging

Preserve Freshness with Innovative Fruits and Food Packaging Solutions. Wastage of food is a significant concern from shipping to delivery and retail. The fruits and food items need robust and innovative food packaging solutions that help preserve the freshness and quality of these products throughout the supply chain and until they reach the hands of the customers. Modern packaging solutions must fulfil a variety of requirements from producers, retailers, and consumers.

Producers require high-quality food packaging to ensure products will comply with food safety standards. Retailers demand packaging that offers long shelf-life. Consumers need not only excellent quality and fresh food but also user-friendly and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions. Maintain Quality and Freshness and Prolong Shelf-Life.

At Humi Pak, we offer a range of fruits and food packaging solutions designed to preserve the quality and freshness of food products. Through the right food packaging solutions, it is possible to reduce up to 50% of food wastage. Sustainable food and fruit packaging solutions are excellent to keep food and fruit products preserved and protected. These innovative solutions significantly improve the shelf-life of vegetables and fruits, and they remain fresh, delicious, and crunchy for a more extended period.

We provide a wide variety of food packaging solutions ranging from ethylene absorbers to food packaging film and oxygen absorbers. We ensure that our food packaging complies with safety standards, is environmentally sustainable, and maintains quality and freshness.

  • Ethylene Absorbers
    Ethylene Absorbers

    Extend the Shelf Life of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables with Ethylene Absorbers

    Ethylene Absorbers are man...

  • Food Packaging Film
    Food Packaging Film
    High-Quality Food Packaging Film Solutions for the Food Industry. Packaging plays a critical role in the preservation...
  • Oxygen Absorbers
    Oxygen Absorbers
    Osorb is an Oxygen Absorber made from a safe, non-toxic material that can help prolong the shelf life of food product...
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