VCI Emitters, Devices

VCI Emitters, Devices

VCI emitters, devices are easy to install, compact and lightweight, designed to create a corrosion-free environment inside the electrical circuits, electronic devices and enclosures. They are self-adhesive devices that emit volatile chemical inhibitor in the form of gas, which forms an invisible protective layer on metal surfaces.

The corrosion emitters prevent moisture and corrosion within the enclosed electronic parts or electrical equipment, non-ventilated voids, toolboxes, or cabinetry.

VCI emitters, devices come as VCI foam, VCI chips, breathable VCI pouches, or as VCI wire strips, which slowly release volatile chemical inhibitor. It absorbs the air pollutants and moisture inside the enclosed environment. The VCI emitters offer long-term protection of the products during storage and transportation from corrosion even with humidity is present in the atmosphere.

The typical VCI emitters’ applications include marine, electrical equipment and electronics, medical equipment, electric motors, fuse boxes, scientific measuring instruments, telecommunication equipment, power boxes, and many others.

Prevent Corrosion inside Electrical Appliances or Parts with VCI Emitters, Devices

VCI emitters that provide multi-metal protection for a wide range of applications. They are highly effective and cost-efficient products that save electronics from the effects of moisture, humidity and corrosion damage.

VCI emitter, devices are compact, slim and durable disks that allow accessibility even within restricted and tight spaces. The self-adhesive tape at the back of VCI emitters enables stable stay on cabinets, walls and metal surfaces.

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