As a logistics packaging provider, we work closely with our Logistic / Warehousing clients to provide damage prevention solutions during transit and storage.

These solutions include products that prevent a harmful build-up of moisture or humidity, or indicators that monitor the surrounding environment and alert you if the moisture, temperature or impact levels become too high.

Have a logistics or warehousing requirement? Our experts can help you find a specific solution to your needs!

  • Automatic Packaging Systems
    Automatic Packaging Systems
    To cater to your business needs, Humipak offers a variety of high quality machines to bag and protect your goods effi...
  • Breather Valves
    Breather Valves
    Protect enclosed systems against damage with Breather Valves which are also know as direct-acting vacuum/pressure rel...
  • Cold Chain Packaging
    Cold Chain Packaging
    Maintain Temperature and Protect Products with Cold Chain Packaging Solutions. Many products are temperature sensitiv...
  • Data loggers
    Data loggers
    Data loggers record real-time temperature, impact, humidity, vibration, tilt, and location for analysis purposes.
  • Desiccant Breathers
    Desiccant Breathers
    Control Moisture and Contamination with Desiccant Breathers. Desiccant breather offers the most cost-effective and ef...
  • Filtration Media
    Filtration Media
    For sensitive goods such as Food and fruits, is it essential that the air in the environment is clean to maintain its...
  • Humidity Control
    Humidity Control
    Ensure Appropriate Humidity Levels with Humidity Control Solutions. Maintaining appropriate humidity levels within sp...
  • Load Securement
    Load Securement
    Load Securement helps to ensure the safety of involved personnel in the perimeter by securing cargo firmly for transp...
  • Moisture Absorbers
    Moisture Absorbers

    Ensure Damage-Free Transportation of Products with Desiccants

    Protect products against moisture in the at...

  • Packaging Indicators
    Packaging Indicators
    Provide users with alerts of possible damages during shipping and handling. The us...
  • Packaging Materials
    Packaging Materials
    Additional forms of packaging to provide even greater protection to your products
  • Void Fillers
    Void Fillers
    Prevent product damage and movement during shipment with void fillers. The space a...
  • Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI)
    Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI)
    Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors prevents corrosion. VCIs comes in a wide selection in the form of film, paper, liquid a...
  • Workplace Safety
    Workplace Safety
    Enhance the Safety and Productivity of Workplace. Workplace safety is critical for the protection of employees. A saf...
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