Void Fillers

Void Fillers

Void Fillers prevent fragile goods from damage through the use of protective packaging.

  • Air Pillow
    Air Pillow

    In comparison with the bubble wrap and poly chip packing peanuts, the AirPouch inflate-on-demand air pillows can h...

  • Bubble On Demand
    Bubble On Demand

    The AirPouch FastWrap Bubbles-on-Demand is a patented, channel-filled honeycomb design bubble wrap that can wrap y...

  • Bubble Wrap
    Bubble Wrap
    Bubble Wrap has the most optimal protection method of wrapping the product with the bubbles around it, and securing w...
  • Dunnage Bags
    Dunnage Bags
    Dunnage Bags helps to absorb impact and vibrations in cargos during transportation and can be reused several times. ...
  • Foam Packaging
    Foam Packaging
    HumiPak offers a variety of foam solutions to protect your goods, including the machines and systems to aid your oper...
  • Foam-In-Bag Systems
    Foam-In-Bag Systems
    Automated Machines available here, produce expandable packaging foam-filled bags customized to your business needs. T...
  • Molding Equipment
    Molding Equipment
    Automated machine systems available here, these machines produce customized foam cushions based on your needs and set...
  • Paper Packaging
    Paper Packaging
    The Void fill paper machine serves to optimize packaging speed & effectiveness. It operates on footswitch for eas...
  • Polychip Foam (Peanuts)
    Polychip Foam (Peanuts)
    Polychip Foam peanuts act as a cushion to prevent impact damages to products during transit.
  • Tube Air Cushion
    Tube Air Cushion
    Tube Air Cushion is not only capable in protecting fragile goods but also to reduce the space in the protective packa...
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