Here at Humi Pak, our products cater to a wide range of Industries namely Aerospace, Engineering & Machinery, Pharmaceutical, Defence, Food, Power & Refinery, Electronics, Logistics and Retail. We cover a broad range of industries thus rest assured, you will be sure to find the suitable products to safeguard your goods during shipping!

  • Aerospace
    Besides costing millions of dollars in inspections and repair work, corrosion can lead to massive safety risks if lef...
  • Defence
    Maintain quality of defense and military equipment by preventing damages from impact, moisture, and corrosion. Def...
  • Electronics
    Electronic and Semiconductor products are sensitive and can be easily damaged by temperature, moisture, corrosion and...
  • Engineering
    Damaged goods during shipping reflect badly on both customer satisfaction and your bottom line. Here at Humi Pak, we ...
  • Food & Fruits
    Food & Fruits

    Storing and transporting food products always holds many challenges – temperature and humidity levels must be with...

  • Logistics
    As a logistics packaging provider, we work closely with our Logistic / Warehousing clients to provide damage preventi...
  • Pharmaceutical

    Pharmaceutical and Healthcare products are designed to help people stay healthy, and must be kept in optimal condi...

  • Power & Refinery
    Power & Refinery

    “ Moisture and sensitive electronics don’t go together ”, a principle those in the Power and Refinery industry kno...

  • Retail
    Save manpower, time & Increase business efficiency with Humi Pak industrial products!
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