How does the ShockWatch Label Work?
Published On: July 14, 2021 Revised On: May 4, 2023

How does the ShockWatch Label Work?

What is a ShockWatch Label?

ShockWatch Label Impact Indicator is a tamper-proof, mechanically activated device that changes colour when a shock impact occurs. By visually notifying handlers when products have been subjected to mishandling or possible accidents during storage or transit, the ShockWatch Label helps to prevent mishandling and damage-related costs. It also aids in the detection of shipping hazards. This tamper-proof impact indicator turns from white to bright red when an impact occurs. In this way, it serves as a visual reminder to be extra cautious when handling goods.

The ShockWatch Label has an Omnidirectional shock response. It is a simple and affordable solution that provides data if products are damaged during transit, decreasing losses. The impact label protects products from harm and ensures they arrive from the factory in perfect condition, making them cost-effective and time-saving.

How do ShockWatch Labels Work?

During logistics, product packaging is highly vulnerable to mishandling, movements inside the container, or shocks during shipping. Shipping Impact Indicators such as the Shock Watch Label helps in controlling the effect of shocks or impacts on product packaging. The Shock Watch Label is an efficient tool to alert handlers to handle a shipment with care and delicacy. Once the Shock Watch Label is activated, it cannot be reset. Each Shock Watch Label is indicated with a different G, such as 25G, 37G, 50G, and 100G. The “G” is represented by gravity, which means it is tolerant to different gravity of shock absorbable incurred.

Shock Watch Labels are embedded with obvious impact indicators. The impact indicator will turn brighter when an excessive impact exceeds the tolerated gravity shock, which can potentially damage the products. Therefore, it also ensures the courier is careful to take care of the product with extra care during transportation or storage.

Shock Watch Labels are a visual reminder to handlers with extra delicacy as they know the package is being monitored. It is cost-effective yet indirectly reduces mishandling through spreading mindful awareness. Each Shock Watch Label comes with stickers to adhere to the products from storage to transit to your destination and recipients with peace of mind and safety certainties.

Shock Watch Labels can act as logical witnesses to record any mishandling during production to transportation by referring to the changes of colour in the embedded impact indicator. It is a simple tool to keep a record of the excellent condition as evidence. Shock Watch Labels are straightforward and alert recipients to check the product’s condition as confirmation before receiving.

Why use ShockWatch Labels?

It might be dangerous when transporting products or equipment from and to different locations. While having goods delivered to a site is efficient, it does come with the possibility of product damage, as products, especially fragile ones, can be easily damaged during transit. A multitude of damages might occur while in transit. Various factors, such as faulty packaging, storage conditions, and handling can cause these defects. Due to the fragility of products, transportation advantages are frequently outweighed by their disadvantages and risks during transit.

Product damage results in inconveniences and losses if broken equipment or goods are delivered. Regardless of the industry, dealing with damaged items can be a significant burden because of the effort and consequences of resolving client complaints and rescheduling an exchange of goods for the client. As suppliers, we must always exercise caution while working with fragile goods.

Damage detection is an essential aspect of receiving transported products. It is impossible to know what kind of damage a piece of equipment has sustained during transportation. Determining whether an item or good has been subjected to impact or shock in travel as soon as they acquire it will save a lot of time and costs by replacing it immediately or requesting compensation from the shipping company. One should use proper packaging solutions such as the Shipping Impact Labels – ShockWatch Label to prevent product damage.

The ShockWatch Label is a shipping impact indicator that can determine how much impact has been exerted on products. It can be used to assess if the good has been subjected to severe shock, making it easy for anyone to see if there has been any improper handling. It also encourages transporters to use greater caution when on the road.

The ShockWatch Label is highly precise and indicates a shocking magnitude. The Shockwatch will not be activated by normal movement or road stress; only the specific impact for which it was built will be detected, which it will then turn bright red. The ShockWatch Label is a non-mechanical and non-magnetic device with a small liquid-filled glass tube. It can be placed directly in the product (e.g., computer, gaming device, or phone), attached to a clip and placed on the product’s surface, or in a self-adhesive label attached to the shipping container. If a ShockWatch labelled box or a product with the ShockWatch Label attached to it is dropped or mishandled forcefully, the ShockWatch Label responds immediately. The liquid in the tube will turn from clear to bright crimson, indicating that the product has experienced an excessive amount of impact.

With the ShockWatch Label, users may reduce damage-related expenses, boost accountability when handling goods, and identify problems in the supply chain. As a result, there would be no more difficulty determining who was accountable for mishandling products or packages. Besides the ShockWatch Label, Stream Peak also offers other ShockWatch Impact Indicators with various impact sensitivity levels dependent on product weight and size to cater to different applications.

Using a ShockWatch Impact Indicator on product shipments can significantly reduce damage during transportation. Selecting the suitable ShockWatch Impact Label and installing it correctly is critical to ensure that the indicator detects mishandling and damage.

A Guide to Using the ShockWatch Label

Users need to know two things before selecting a ShockWatch Impact Indicator sensitivity: shipment size and weight. The ShockWatch Impact Labels are all calculated by the mass of the products shipped. The products’ dimensions and weights in transit must be provided to ensure that the correct label is applied to the proper shipment. The most suitable label for your application will also consider product fragility and packaging. When using a ShockWatch Label, users should always place labels on the right edge and the longest side of the shipment and note that the heavier the shipment, the lower they should mount the label.

Benefits of Using the ShockWatch Label

The ShockWatch Label offers many advantages, and here are some:

  • Acts as a visual deterrent to improper handling
  • Reduces mishandling through awareness
  • Provides indisputable evidence of mishandling
  • Alerts recipient to inspect contents before acceptance
  • Promotes chain of accountability for all product handling
  • Assures product quality throughout the supply chain
  • Confirms the effectiveness of packaging
  • Helps to identify trouble spots in the supply chain, from production to transportation and storage
  • Helps increase the quality of product from dock to dock
  • Economical solution to reduce damage-related costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Application of the ShockWatch Label

Industries all around can take advantage of the benefits that the ShockWatch Label offers. Regardless of the nature of a business, they can benefit from using ShockWatch Impact Indicators during product transportation. The impact label is applicable in the following industries:

  • Aerospace & Defense components
  • Automotives
  • Electronics
  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Technology
  • Others

Investing in Shock Watch Label can help you enhance the product’s quality and intact securement, and it indirectly helps to gain more money in return with the saving of time and labour costs. Thank you for supporting our Shock Watch Labels for your wise and profitable investment. Click here to view our ShockWatch Label or here for other Shipping Impact Indicators available at Humi Pak!