Complete Guide To Void Fillers (Air Fillers)
Published On: June 30, 2021 Revised On: May 4, 2023

Complete Guide To Void Fillers (Air Fillers)

What are Air Fillers?

Air Fillers are used to protecting items during shipment. The space around packaged products causes products to move and shake during transit, leading to product damage. Air Fillers are designed to support and avoid side-to-side shifting of the products in carton boxes during transit. It is a specially designed packaging solution that is flexible and strong enough to cushion the products inside the packaging. The void fill solutions are available in different ranges and sizes. These solutions can be placed around the product or within gaps in the package. They are available in wraps, allowing fast and easy packing of fragile products.

Different Types of Air Fillers

Air Pillows

The Air Pillow packaging is used inside a box to fill the void and keeps items in place. It allows air to move between pockets instead of popping, eliminating deflated bubbles and potential product damage during shipping. Also, the air inside the air filler does not weigh much, so it is not costly to ship. For usage, inflate the Air Pillow by using an air cushion machine. Then, place items to pack into the box and fill void spaces using Air Pillows. The Air Pillow is available in:

  • Width: 200mm
  • Perforation Length: 100mm, 130mm, 150mm, 200mm
  • Thickness: 13 microns, 15 microns, 20 microns
  • Materials: HDPE, Recycle, Anti-Static, Degradable
  • Length: Depends thickness of the plastic material
Air Wrappers

The Air Wrapper, also known as inflatable packaging, is used for wrapping and bracing fragile or sensitive items. The Air Wrapper helps to maximise damage protection and meet the demands of parcel shipping. It can reduce the storage space required for bulky packaging materials as it is lightweight. For usage, inflate the Air Wrapper using an air cushion machine. Then, wrap or brace fragile items before placing them into the box and filling void spaces with Air Wrappers as a layer of protection to absorb vibration. The Air Wrapper is available in various material designs & lengths:

  • Bubbles: 320mm
  • Bubble Wave: 320mm
  • Quilt Large: 160mm
  • Quilt Small: 200mm
  • Tube Multi: 320mm
  • Tube Wave: 320mm
  • Tube Small: 160mm
  • Tube Large: 160mm
  • Tiny Bubble Quilt 15#: 210mm
  • LDPA Bubble 30# L-Type Bag: 235mm & 95mm
  • HDPE Bubble 30# L-Type Bag: 120mm

Benefits of Using Air Fillers

Cost Reducing

The Air Pillow/Air Wrapper packaging comprises 99% air and 1% plastic film. Thus, it saves transportation, material, and storage costs without occupying space. If the boxes are filled with paper to secure the products, a lot of heavy paper will be sent out, which adds to the freight costs.

Save Space

The Air Pillow/Air Wrapper is entirely flat before use. It comes in a roll form which is lightweight and compact. It can be put aside when not used and filled only when needed. On-demand inflating does not occupy much storage space. The Air Pillow/Air Wrapper is a better solution than other packaging products, such as foam peanuts, which are lightweight but occupy valuable storage areas as they must be stored in warehouses.


The Air Pillow/Air Wrapper has excellent support, which can withstand certain static pressure without breaking. Air Fillers can protect well-packed products by not just filling the void. Even if the external force is squeezed, the air filler can help to disperse the pressure to avoid damage.


The Air Pillow/Air Wrapper is unlike packaging peanuts or styrofoam materials made of various dyes that are not recyclable. Many disposal companies do not accept peanuts anymore due to the complexity of disposal and the harmful effects they have on the environment. On the other hand, the Air Pillow/Air Wrapper is made of recyclable material and is highly efficient for disposal as they encompass only 1% of its filled size.

Reduce the Packaging Process and Save Manpower

The Air Pillow/Air Wrapper is inflated by an air cushion machine. The air cushion machine is a simple and fast equipment to use. The air cushion machine can be turned on and left aside while labours manage their work without monitoring the machine.

Applications of Air Fillers

The Air Pillow/Air Wrapper provides optimal product protection and can replace traditional void filler and cushioning materials. It comes in various sizes to help fill different package shapes, protecting the items from moving and impacting during transit.

Blocking & Bracing

Use Air Pillows to block and brace shipments to avoid the movement of products and unnecessary damages. They also help to keep the box structure intact.

Corner Protection

Increases shock absorbency in shipping boxes. By protecting all four corners of the box with Air Wrappers, users can keep goods in the middle of the box where it is safest to ship.


Air Wrappers are suitable for protecting stacked goods and may have fragile surfaces such as dinnerware, frames, vases, automotive parts, and fruits.

Top Filling

When products are not securely packed, they can get damaged during transit from being stacked and tossed around. Fill in any space on top to ensure that products are safe from damage.

Void Filling

Add Air Pillows to fill up all void spaces in packages to protect products during shipping. Some example of goods is cosmetic products, electronics products, and others.

Air Fillers VS Packing Peanuts

Material Cost

For Packing Peanuts, the shipping material costs are calculated per cubic foot. It is hard to determine a fixed fee for every shipping as each product can be of different sizes. For Air Pillows, each shipping associate can easily determine the number of pillows needed for each type of shipment, allowing users to quickly find out the average cost per package.

Storage Space

Packing Peanuts are usually packed in big plastic bags and have to be placed on the warehouse floor or racks, wasting storage space. On the other hand, Air Pillows come with a small roll of film that can be put aside when not in use and filled only when needed. Also, on-demand inflating does not occupy much storage space. Note that a small roll or air pillow film (1580m) can replace more than eight bags of Packing Peanuts!

Effectiveness of Protection

Unlike Packing Peanuts, Air Pillows can protect fragile products vulnerable to breakages or scratched surfaces by preventing additional shifting during transit. Also, shifting and movement of goods will occur during shipping if the packer does not fill all void spaces in the box with enough Packing Peanuts.

Packing Peanuts are costly, low performance, shifts during transport, and is messy to use. They are also bulky, which is a waste of storage space, unlike Air Fillers. Use Air Fillers now for efficient and safe shipping!