All About Oxygen Absorber Sachet – O Sorb
Published On: June 30, 2021 Revised On: May 4, 2023

All About Oxygen Absorber Sachet - O Sorb

What are Oxygen Absorbers?

O-sorb, also known as Oxygen Scavenger or Oxygen Absorbent, is an Oxygen Absorber made from a safe, non-toxic material that can help prolong the shelf life of food products. The O-sorb is manufactured from Japanese technology and materials. The four-layer laminated packing allows active oxygen absorption, preventing its active powder from directly contacting food.

The O-sorb absorbs oxygen entirely in the package and significantly extends the best-before date of packaged food or other products by the oxidising reaction of Iron Powder. It prevents mould growth, discolouration, and oil oxidation and helps to preserve the fragrance and flavour.

Oxygen Absorbers, as mentioned above, are packages of iron powder that absorb oxygen in packaging applications. When O-sorb Oxygen Absorbers are placed in an airtight container, the oxygen is absorbed by the iron in the oxygen absorber, leaving only nitrogen in the air (does not affect food).

Different Types of Oxygen Absorbers & How to Use Them

The O-Sorb is available in many sizes in the market to cater to various needs. The sizes are counted based on the product size and whether the product is wet or dry. The amount of oxygen present depends on the volume of the empty spaces in the package. For instance, if the volume of space is 100ml, there will be 20ml of oxygen present as air is made of 20% oxygen.

The O-sorb Oxygen Absorbers available at Humi Pak come in different sizes, ranging from 10cc to 3000cc, to ensure they can support all market needs and wants. Some sizes available are U Series or K Series (U-20, U-30, U-50 & U-100), which are more common requirements in the market. The number in the product’s name indicates the capacity of oxygen the O-sorb can absorb. For example, a packet of U-20 will be ideal if there is 20ml of oxygen present in the package.


How to use the Oxygen Absorber Correctly?Oxygen Absorber

  • Oxygen Absorbers can be only used once. It is not reusable
  • Use the Oxygen Absorber within 4 hours of opening
  • Ensure the packaging bag is strongly degassed and the oxygen indicator is pink. Do not use it if the bag is puffy or the indicator is turning blue.

Place the Oxygen Absorber in any food packaging and seal it tightly to have an oxygen-free food packet!

Why use Oxygen Absorbers?

It has been proven through multiple tests that food placed with Oxygen Absorbers is mildew and vermin-proof and resistant to oxygen. The shelf life of the food is also extended, unlike those without Oxygen Absorbers, in which growth of mould and odour occurred.

Benefits of Using Oxygen Absorbers

  • To increase product shelf life (Product with a shelf life of 2 months can be extended to 6 months with Oxygen Absorbers)
  • To prevent mould or bacteria growth on the food (growth is inhibited without oxygen)
  • To prevent vitamins such as A, C and E from depleting when exposed to oxygen.
  • To prevent dehydrated or freeze-dried fruit from turning brown
  • To preserve flavour
  • To prevent the growth of fungus in flour and grain articles, the freshness of the product and pre-cooked pasta and noodles.
  • To preserve freshness in food (fast and long-lasting absorption)
  • Maintains an O2 level of <0.1% inside a sealed package
  • Eliminate the need for additives such as sulfur dioxide, BHA, BHT, sorbates
  • Available in oil-proof, 4 layer
  • New improvement of 3 layer oil proof O-sorb starting in the next half of 2021

Applications of Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen Absorbers can be used on dry food and others. With Oxygen Absorbers, users can reduce the risk of soiled food.

  • Bakery Product
  • Brown Rice
  • Energy Powder
  • Fruit Or Vegetable
  • Jerky and Processed Meat Products
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Pet Food
  • Sugar
  • Snack
  • Table Medicine

Case Studies For Oxygen Absorbers

Case Studies Chilled Self–Life Report Highlights:
  • Safflower oil nanoemulsion (SNE) was developed by the ultrasonic method
  • The addition of cumin essential oil (CEO) to SNE enhanced its antimicrobial and antioxidant activity
  • Lamb loins were treated with SNE + CEO, followed by oxygen absorber (OA) packaging
  • Treatment with SNE + CEO + OA enhanced quality parameters of loins
  • The shelf-life of refrigerated loins was extended by SNE + CEO + OA treatment

Oxygen Absorber Available Sizes at Humi Pak

Oxygen Absorber