All About Ice Gel Packs
Published On: August 5, 2021 Revised On: May 4, 2023

All About Ice Gel Packs

Ice Peak Ice Gel Pack contains potable water and absorbent gel. Several methods can be used to produce Ice Gel Packs. The ice packs’ ice gel is made of ammonium nitrate or urea. Humi Pak’s Ice Peak uses a 0°C (32°F) gel formulation with puncture-resistant nylon laminate film. Ice Gel Packs maintain a thermal environment more efficiently than ice. Ice Gel Packs help prevent spoilage and ensure that food products stay fresh and are in good condition. The Ice Gel Packs are leakproof and conform with Directive 2011/65/EU of the European Parliament. For usage, freeze the Ice Gel Pack for a minimum of 8 hours at -35°C to -10°C. The lower the temperature it is frozen at, the longer it stays frozen. The more ice bags used on the application, the longer it will stay frozen.

Benefits of Ice Peak Ice Gel Packs

  • Non-toxic
  • Leakproof Bags – Every single bag has been checked by our QA and QC team
  • Food-Safe – Can have safe, direct contact with any food products
  • Avoid Wastage and Keep Goods Fresh and in Good Conditions – Chemicals and perishable food are recommended to be stored in chilled packaging to prevent bacteria growth and spoilage
  • Manufactured with Japan-grade materials, made in Singapore and in compliance with FDA regulations
  • Commonly used with a thermal insulating box to ensure an uninterrupted cold chain during transportation, together with temperature data recorders with the packaging to monitor shipment
  • Suitable for required storage temperatures up to -5ºC and is available in 20g, 40g, 340g, 500g, and 1kg

Application of Ice Gel Packs

Ice packs and a thermal insulating box are recommended to provide a cool temperature and ensure optimal cold chain packaging during transportation. Use temperature data loggers or temperature labels with packaging to monitor shipment. Suitable for food, logistics, chemical, health care, medical and pharmaceutical industries. They are commonly used with food products such as seafood, chocolate, ice cream, and frozen meat or sausages.

Inspections and quality checks are conducted regularly in our in-house laboratory. ISO 9001 and 140001 certifications ensure constant improvement in our manufacturing process to meet high-quality requirements. Freeze a wide range of stock sizes available from 20gm to 1kg with our Ice Peak Ice Gel Packs. Customisation with printing is also available for bulk quantities.


Ice Gel Packs are ideal for treating ailments such as bruises or swellings and are used in medical facilities like hospitals and clinics. Medical associates and practitioners use ice packs for pain relief and swelling. The role of ice packs helps in injury-induced pain applicants who serve as an important medical use.

Food Industry and Temperature-Sensitive Products (e.g., seafood, chocolate, ice creams, frozen meats, sausages, and others)

Ice Gel Packs are crucial for the cold chain packaging industry keeping heat-sensitive foods fresh inside insulated containers for the shipping process. Ice Gel Packs are used together when transporting perishables like fresh meat, eggs, or other dairy items. With insulated containers, ice gel packs can maintain their coldness for about 24-36 hours. The cold packs will help slow down bacterial growth in perishables.

Fitness and Sports Uses

Fatigue and muscle pain is widespread in fitness facilities, gym, and martial arts training centres. Some of the injuries that the ice packs treat are common to fitness and sports players. These include tendon and muscle damage and multiple forms of bruising and swelling.

Ice Treatment in Orthopedics

Ice Gel Packs are excellent tools for ice therapy, a treatment in orthopaedics. Since these ice gel packs can reach freezing temperatures and sustain them at room temperatures for longer, they are excellent alternatives for this treatment. Ice therapy or cold therapy involves rubbing icy objects on the injured part of the body. In tissue damage, the body triggers an inflammatory response that causes the specific area of tissue damage to swell. The swelling will make the injury more vulnerable to further damage and slow the body’s healing process.

Therefore, the instant application of an Ice Gel Pack on an injury helps slow down the inflammatory response, leading to swelling. It also speeds up the healing process and encourages the flow of nutrients to the damaged tissues. Ice packs are often used for acute or chronic injuries. Cover it with a cloth and apply it to the injured area of the body. When applying the ice pack to a recent injury, ensure that it is within the 48-hour period in which swelling occurs.

Ice Gel Peak Comparision Test

We have compared Stream Peak’s Ice Peak Ice Gel Packs with other iced packs, and here are the results.

Green Aluminium Foil Bag

Note: The test is conducted in room-temperature surroundings

Overall Testing Time: 24 hours

Aluminium Foil Bag

Note: The test is conducted in room-temperature surroundings

Overall Testing Time: 13 hours

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